About manufacturer

M/s Saera Electric Auto Pvt. Letd. is a part of “SATRA” group of companies which is based in New Delhi – The Capital of India.

The company activities were initiated four decades ago by our group chairman Mr. V.K Kapoor, a mechanical engineering graduate from Indian Institute of,Kanpur, India by operating Harvester Combines on custom hiring basis in India. The company was the first to introduce Harvester Combines in our country. In 1981 the company started manufacturing the BLADES of Harvester Combines and opted to go in for the manufacturing of more components of Harvester combines when they started supplyiing blades, Knife guards, grain tank, worm shafts, feeder housing, adjustable sieves, wheat and paddy threshing drum etc to M/S ESPI Industrial Corporation in the year 1983.

Since then the company has diversified it’s activities into agriculture spare parts, automobiles and manufacturing spare parts for following companies.
The company’s high level quality standards were recognized by these renowned OEMs who have further increased their business with us.

With the company’s thrust for innovation and new development, Saera Electric Auto Pvt. Ltd was born, which started manufacturing battery operated tricycles in NCR region, popularly termed as “e- Rickshaw” as it is spread over 4 acres of land.

We proudly claim to be India’s first company to lauch/introduce this innovative product in the country. These E-Rickshaws were primarily developed to save fuel to enhance the economy of the country by reducing the import on fuel and also save foreign exchange.

The company has several manufacturing units in the NCR region with all modern machines, equipments and testing facilities conforming to international standards. These facilities are run by a group of professionally trained and qualified managers and engineers. The company also have a regorous R&D department which constantly works on improved quality, cost reduction and new developments.